Dogs Birthday Cakes?

Dogs birthday cakes?

Do you celebrate Your dog’s birthday with dogs birthday cakes? I think you should. Do you celebrate your family and friends’ birthday? If yes, why not celebrate your doggie’s birthday too?! It’s not expensive now… 4 years ago, I had a hard time looking for a people doing dogs birthday cakes and they were really expensive! But now, there are more demand, prices drop a little too. Ordering of dogs birthday cakes usually come with delivery, so no worries about transportation.

Dogs birthday cakes - Happy's Birthday

This year August, my Happy Boy will be turning 5 year old. I’m thinking to get him a dog cake too or maybe I should bake the cake myself with all his favourite food. Because he has allergic problem towards some ingredients like carrot, so getting a cake without certain ingredients maybe difficult. Let’s see…

Dogs birthday cakes usually come in 300g, 500g and 1KG. So I usually share the cake out with Happy Boy’s friends. I will keep 1/3 or 1/4 portion of it, and that could keep about 3 days for my dog as snacks.

Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 1st birthday Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 1st birthday part2  Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 2nd birthdayDogs birthday cakes - happyboy 3rd birthday

Believe me, you will be happy to see their expression full of excitement when you show them the cake. But of course, you have to know your dog well. Meaning… know what is your dog’s favourite food and what your dog hate most is important when you look for dogs birthday cakes.

Dogs birthday cakes - miko birthday Thanks Miko for sharing out her cute photo.

Dogs Birthday Cakes are cakes specially baked / made for dogs. DO NOT get a human cake for your dog. Dogs Birthday Cakes is just a few dollar difference from human birthday cakes, although you can save $5-$10 at that moment, but maybe next day, you will have to bring your dog to visit your dear expensive veterinarian! =)

Click here for more information on where to get birthday cakes for dogs in Singapore.

Branded Veterinary Centre Or Reliable Veterinarian For Your Pet?

Branded veterinary centres or reliable veterinarians? How would you choose?

Q) Do branded veterinary centres have ALL THE BEST veterinarians inside?

Q) A good and reliable veterinarians, does it means they have to work for a branded veterinary centres?

NO! I don’t think so… I don’t go for brands. I believe in what I see, what I feel is good and trustworthly. As i mentioned in the previous article, I found my best and Happy Boy’s favourite veterinarian.

I’m very into marketing. So every business uses MARKETING! Even veterinary centres have their different marketing strategy. Maybe I have think too much. HAHAHA.

Ask yourself before you choose a Veterinary Centre / Clinic / Hospital in Singapore or any part of the world.

  1. Why is this particular veterinary centre famous?
  2. You go there because it is a famous veterinary services or you believe famous means BEST veterinary centre with all latest technology and equipments?
  3. Do you know which veterinarian is famous in the veterinary centre?
  4. Do you know the famous veterinarian is best in which area or operation?
  5. How reliable is this veterinary centre / Do they have cases (good or bad) before?
  6. What make these veterinary service centre famous?
  7. And most important, do you have the chance to see the famous, best, experience veterinarian if you visit?
  8. If you don’t get to see the famous, best, experience veterinarian, is other veterinarians in the veterinary clinic/hospital as good as him/her?

So think about these question before choosing a veterinary centre in your next visit.

Singapore Veterinarians – Share your experiences!

Singapore Veterinarians. Good and bad experiences? Favourite Singapore Veterinarians in mind?

Singapore Veterinarians are not only getting more competitions but also getting more stress over social media reports, articles, blogs, and Facebook postings. A lot of people condemned Singapore Veterinarians, saying Singapore Veterinarians are inexperience, business minded, not caring enough to their little pets, but to me, I don’t agree to these saying. There may be a few rotten apples, but I don’t believe in ALL apples are rotten!

Happy Boy, had seen 5 different veterinarians in Singapore in less than half a year in 2012 because of his anal glands problem. It gave me a lot of headaches! After experiences so many Singapore Veterinarians, i came out with this answer regarding Singapore Veterinarians and veterinary services.

Most of you will try google “Singapore Veterinarians” or maybe “Vet in Singapore” and read up comments related to Singapore Veterinarians. But I don’t really believe in forums comments, a lot of the comments look so FAKE.

Choosing the best veterinarians among so many Singapore Veterinarians are not easy. I will share with you my experiences with Singapore Veterinarians and what I look up for when searching for veterinarians. Importance of finding a good veterinarian will definitely benefits your dogs

Singapore Veterinarians

This is a Singapore Pets Magazine, and in Dec 2012, they came out a book on Pet’s Health, with 30 Singapore Veterinarians to discuss about common pets (Dogs and Cats) health issues in Singapore. It is a good magazine for pet’s owner to understand what are the common dogs or cats problems in Singapore.

I’m sure the 30 Singapore Veterinarians interviewed in this magazine are the most experience and best veterinarians in Singapore you could choose from.

What do I look out for when choosing veterinarian for my dog? Why is this particular Singapore Veterinarian categorise as our favourite and best veterinarian among so many other veterinarians in Singapore?

This is my personal thinking and through my experiences:

  1. A professional veterinarian should always love animals, and should not afraid of the animal that they going to examine.
    • Dr Cheryl handle Happy Boy very well, Happy Boy didn’t struggle a lot when she examine him. The feeling is not same as visiting other clinics where he will struggle, scare, jump and run away. Happy Boy even shake its friendly tail.
    • I have even seen a veterinarian that is so scare of my dog, the moment he see my dog, the veterinarian will bring out dog muzzle and put it on Happy Boy! Come on, Mr Veterinarian, what if it’s a BIG DOG? Are you going to faint?
    • I also seen a veterinarian who cannot handle my dog and let him fell from a high table! WTH?!?! TERRIBLE VETERINARIAN!
  2. A professional veterinarian should NOT be pushy and don’t FORCE client into thinking what they think is correct. I have seen veterinarians that force me into thinking that’s the only solution, if you don’t listen, your pet will not recover and die.
    • Dr Cheryl explained things to me in detail. She is not pushy and get me to try all kinds of test or products.
  3. An experienced veterinarian doesn’t mean that he or she is old, means they are experienced. I prefer to choose a veterinarian that experience in hospital type of environment. Maybe is a psychology, I feel that veterinarian who works in animal hospital see more serious cases and do more bigger operations than the smaller clinic.
  4. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a particular veterinarian, I think you should change a veterinarian. It is very important to find a HONEST VETERINARIAN, a Veterinarian that you trust!
  5. Happy Boy’s anal glands bursted 2 times within 1 and a half months last year, and I’m very scare that there will be a 3rd time. There was one veterinarian told me that some dog’s owner will decide to do an operation to remove the anal gland and problem will be solved! This particular veterinarian is very keen to operate my dog. He even called me and told me he got ready the information for me to read and know about this operation. But when I consulted Dr Cheryl on this, she pushed away the explanation about the operation and told me don’t think of that at the moment. Operation should always be the last choice to think of…..
    • I have heard of people complaining veterinarians “opened up” their dogs, end up nothing found, and not even that serious that need an operation. But the veterinarian still charge them a $2k for the whole process and nothing was found.
  6. Pet’s owner should be understanding too, yes, veterinarian is an animal doctor, but that doesn’t mean they know everything! If doctors know everything, we already have medicines for all sorts of flu, H7N9, SARS, Dengue or even AIDs. I have an encountered veterinarian that tell me rubbish because they doesn’t want you to know they actually don’t know the answer.
    • A veterinarian should always be honest, don’t let them treat your pet as guinea pig to test out their skill and be famous.
    • If the veterinarians are not sure about the answer, they should do research and promise to get back to you an answer on your next visit.

A good veterinarian should NOT always think of EARNING money from clients. A pet business is a long term business, must always think of LONG TERM relationship. Don’t forget, a dog can live up to 10-15years! And word of mouth and social media can kill your business.

Share your experiences with us! Who is your favourite and best Veterinarians in Singapore.

My First Dog – HAPPY BOY!

How Happy Boy and I met?

Happy Boy and I met in November, 2008. He is my first dog, and also the first dog in our family. When we got him, we have no idea how to take care of dogs. All we know is… feed him, play with him, bring him for walk, train him to pee and poo on tray, and when he is sick, bring him to veterinarian. He looks very cute, innocent and active, excited with everything, and only think about playing! HAHA!

cutehappydog_puppyhappy_1 cutehappydog_puppyhappy_2

Singapore Pasir Ris has a lot of pet farms, this is where I found my dog, Happy Boy. He was not a very clean and neat dog when I first see him. The seller bring him and his brother out into a fence up area for me to choose, he is a very active dog, I love the way he run and disturb his brother. When I called the 2 dogs, Happy came to me and allow me to touch him before he ran away again. His brother did not came to me. I went over to touch his brother, Happy came over to me again and wanted me to play with him.


So therefore, I think Happy like me to be his owner and I always think he is the one that chosen me, and not I choose him. I always think I’m very lucky that i found a healthy puppy which grew up into a healthy adult dog. To be honest, I know nothing about dogs at all at that moment!

Of course as time goes by…… I know more and more about dogs. I read up more on dogs, visit the vet, and start to have doggie meet up. This is a very good way to know more about dogs and yes, socialising is very important to dogs. Dog that socialise will behave better than dogs that are not socialise since young. We will discuss more when we discuss about importance of socalising dogs in the later topic.