Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow

Dogs love sleeping on pillow, do you agree?

I did a google search on why dogs love sleeping on pillow and I noticed that many dog’s owners actually took pictures of how their dog love sleeping on their pillow.

It’s pretty interesting to see that. But I still think it is NOT RIGHT for dogs to sleep on our pillow!

Why do dogs like to sleep on our bed or pillow or anything that has our “smell”? HAHA! I found a link which explains this. I think mainly is companionship and our bed is comfortable!

Because dogs live in packs, and want to sleep in the same area that the pack leader sleeps. This is because your dog will want to find the place which smells like the pack leader, which is you, to relieve anxiety so they don’t feel alone. Most often that will be your bed, pillow, or blanket.

I happened to find out that my dog actually slept on my pillow when I’m away, I tried to put my pillow high up so that he could not reach it.

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 1

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 2

Unable to reach my pillow, he has another alternative, that is… sleeping on my blanket! OMG! So in the end, I also put my blanket high up so that he is unable to reach it too!

Then slowly, I noticed that he likes to fold up the corner of his bed so that he can sleep on it like a pillow.

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 3Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 4

I also have seen my dog putting his head on the cushion or even on his toys. Therefore, I guess my dog needs a pillow!

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 4a

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 4b

I went shopping around, and one day, I happened to see a small soft pillow which i think is for kids, i bought it back for my dog. I put it on his bed, and that night, he know that’s the pillow for him.

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 5

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 5a

From all the pictures, you can see that my dog love lying on the pillow! He sleep with it, he play with it and he dream with it! HAHAHA!!

Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 6 Dogs Love Sleeping On Pillow 7

So if your dog love your pillow, it’s time to shop for a pillow for him or her! You will be surprise, your dog actually love it! =)

Of course, you can handmade one for your dogs too. It’s not that hard to do it, but a pillow that just cost SGD $2, I think shouldn’t waste effort and energy on it too much. Just go get one!