Vaccinations protect dogs from fatal diseases

Vaccinations protect dogs from fatal diseases

Vaccinations protect dogs from fatal diseases – Do you believe? Does vaccinations really protect your dog from diseases and virus such as canine distemper?

Regular vaccinations can protect the dogs against potential contagious and fatal diseases.

why-should-we-vaccinate-our-dogsArticle taken from Straits Times July 2013.

 It could be example:

  1. Canine Parvovirus
    • Through ingestion of faecal particles containing the virus. This often occurs by accident, e.g. in multi-dog households, through sharing of food, water and living space.
    • Read recent case happed in SPCA 2012
  2. Canine Distemper Virus
  3. Infectious Canine Hepatitis
    • This virus is spread through direct contact with an infected dog’s body fluids including nasal discharge and urine.
    • Read more about this
  4. Kennel Cough (Parainfluenza, Bordetella)
  5. Leptospira (The rat is the main carrier of the disease, Rat urine contains toxic and deathly substances)

Why we should NOT vaccinate our dogs? Most commonly heard reasons: Inorder to keep clients coming in and bring in business for the vets. Over vaccinated will cause serious harm to the immune systems and vaccines can cause cancer.

So… Who to believe??

I asked my vet this question. As I mentioned before, I fully trust my vet, she has no reason to hide anything from me i believe. WHY?? For every questions I asked, she will tell me the reason or why she think that way.

I’m a person who ask a lot of WHY?? When I still don’t understand or i smell something fishy, I will continue ask until I’m satified with the answer.

So back to the question, why should we vaccinate our dogs?

I would think depend on:

  1. Personal thinking
    • How much you trust the internet?
    • How much you trust your vet?
  2. Where you stay and where is your dog’s regular area
    • Big Houses?
    • Apartment?
    • Backyard?
  3. Does your dog go for walk
    • Hiking?
    • Open park?
    • Void deck?
    • Just corridor?
    • Totally indoor?
  4. Does your dog social with other dogs, cats, animals ( or even RATS.
  5. Does your dog go grooming
    • Sharing water?
    • Sharing cage?
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Some or most of the diseases are transmitted through contact with respiratory secretions. Contacting with fecal material and the urine of infected dogs or things they have contaminated can also cause infection.

With the 5 points mention above, have you thought of… what if just ONE dog is contacted with contagious diseases, and your dog happen to step on the urine of the affected dog without any of your knowledge. The dog licked its PAW, that’s it!

The risk is there if you don’t vaccinate your dogs… think about it seriously…

Why we should NOT vaccinate our dogs? In order to keep clients coming in and bringing in businesses for the vets? I don’t believe in this reason. The annual vaccinations are not very expensive. I’m sure if a vet tells the owner, spend your money on other check-up rather than vaccinations, the owner will do that! So it’s not about money definitely, it’s whether should we risk the dog to a contagious diseases.

Over vaccinated will cause serious harm to the immune systems? There is “no evidence [of widespread harm].” Over vaccinated could have a few meanings depend on how you interpret, example: amount injected? Vaccinations depend on weight and age, so the widespread of “over vaccinated” could means other meaning too… =)

Vaccines can cause cancer? Oh yes, I read about this. It’s more about cats relating to cancer or tumors forming in the area between the shoulders, where cats are vaccinated.

So after listened to my vet explanations and also do some read up, I think I should NOT risk my dog to any potential diseases. Dogs love to “SMELL” whenever they go for walk, grooming, dog park, dog group meet up, so I think continuing annual vaccinations is a MUST.

Vaccinated dogs develop less severe illness and are less likely to spread the virus to other dogs. The vaccine is recommended for dogs who are “at risk”. Dogs that frequently interact with other dogs, participate in activities with other dogs or are boarded are considered at risk and can benefit from vaccinations. Dogs that benefit from the kennel cough vaccine (Bordetella/parainfluenza) vaccine will also benefit from the canine influenza vaccine.

It’s up to you to believe. Good luck to your decision.

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