Anal Glands Problem in Dog

 Anal Glands Problem in Dog? How does pet owner knows?

  • Is anal glands problem a common issue in dog?
  • What is the risk if anal glands is full and not empty ASAP?
  • What is the sign of anal glands problem?
  • Scooting / rubbing / dragging butt against the ground, trying to empty anal glands can be serious.
  • Who can help to empty the anal glands?

Anal glands problem are commonly seen in dogs and cats. which also called anal sacs, if not taken proper care, it will be impacted, infected and abscessed.

Happy Boy has anal gland problem since beginning of 2012. Photo below show his infected anal glands.

abscessed anal gland anal sacs closer look abscessed anal gland anal sacs

Happy Boy’s anal gland got infected and abscessed two times in 6-7 weeks in 2012, that was really scary when you see how painful he was and the BLOOD dripping out from his anal gland. I promise I will not let him suffer anymore. Learning all these through two bad experiences, I finally know when Happy Boy needs to visit its veterinarian, Dr Cheryl again.

While Dr Cheryl expressing Happy Boy’s anal glands last week, I took a photo of the smelly fluid. It is really DAMN smelly!!!

anal glands smelly fluid


Who can express dogs’ anal glands? Veterinarian and some groomer can do that. Many would say why waste the money? But I think for Happy Boy’s comfort and health, I think I would rather spend a little money and make sure everything is OK.

Dog scooting / rubbing / dragging butt against the ground, trying to empty its anal glands, is NOT acceptable and NOT funny at all. If you spotted your dog doing these action VERY FREQUENTLY, high chance your dog need help in emptying its anal glands soon. Bring your dog to the veterinarian to check it out.

Scooting / rubbing / dragging butt against the ground is definitely NO NO, because your dog’s anal glands might be infected as the ground is not clean.

Once the anal glands infected and next the anal glands might be abscessed.

anal glands smelly fluid
anal glands smelly fluid

It’s really pain at heart to see Happy Boy anal gland “burst”. (Photo above is Happy Boy ruptured anal gland after cleaned by veterinarian)

Be careful of some veterinarian, they will give suggestion like… “remove anal glands“, so in future, the dog will not have anymore of anal glands problem. Please THINK properly before you agreed to this. I would suggest consult more veterinarian for more advice, ask about consequences if anal glands are removed, and is there really a NEED to remove the anal glands?

Removing anal glands will cause more problem in future. Google your questions and do more research on consequences if anal glands removed.

My understanding through my research on anal glands:

  • if the operation is not properly done, there are chances the dog is unable to control its bowels.
  • Sometimes these anal glands are referred to as “scent glands” that dog uses them to mark territory and identify other dogs. (Did you realised dogs meet each other, they will smell each other butt, so this might be reason)

Links for reference incase you need to read up to have a better idea on anal glands.

Encounter any Anal Glands Problem in Dog and would like to share? Feel free to contact me anytime. =)