Adopt homeless dog in Singapore, Rescue & Rehome Dog, Pet Adoption Organization

Adopting homeless dog in Singapore – Looking for pet adoption organisation, thinking to help homeless dogs by giving them love and home?

Do not buy, please adopt!
Save a life!

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Who say there’s NO small dogs? Lots of them waiting for forever home!

Where to adopt animal? CLICK HERE

There a list of pet adoption organization below. CLICK HERE

Please take serious consideration before you sign up to help. Pets are part of your family, its a long-term commitment that last 10-15 years.

Do make a call before going down to the organization, just to make sure there are voluntary there to answer your queries.

When is the best time to find out more on dog adoption?
Pet adoption drive! This pet adoption event happens very regularly. Do check on their webpage and facebook as this is the easiest, fastest and best media to communicate out when there is pet adoption drive. Usually happens once or twice a month.

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What if you just want to help dogs in short-term?

Fostering dog is good for those who love dogs and wanted to help the dog but unable to commit long-term due to some other reason. You can read more or sign up to foster a dog on their webpage.

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Don’t just look, please help!

Important rule:
Before making the decision on dog adoption, please understand the rules.

  1. HDB One Dog rule / policy – Please read Type of Pets Allow in HDB Flat
  2. HDB Dog Breed rule / policy – Please read Approved breeds of dogs in HDB Flat
  3. Rules for Private House – 4th dog is allow, but fourth dog has to be an adopted stray mongrel. Article from Channel News Asia.

Please keep in mind the famous rule “Ten Commandments For Pets” by hard.

read before dog adoption

Image source from – Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer. Author of the “Ten Commandments For Pets” You can visit his website and articles at

List of dog adoption community / organization.

1. SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Singapore.)

2. SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs)

3. asd (Action For Singapore Dogs)

4. LostPaws

5. Purely Adoption

6. Pets Channel Dog Adoption

7. HOPE Dog Rescue

8. Animal Lovers League

9. Adopt A Pet

10. CAS (Causes for Animals (Singapore ))

11. Pet Central (petsforlife) Dog Adoption

12. Mdm Wong’s Shelter Dog Adoption

13.VFA (Voices For Animals)

14. Homeless Dogs Rehomers