Bike Ride With Dog in Basket Carrier


Bike Ride With Your Dog in Basket / Carrier

Have you ever thought of bike riding with your dog in basket or Buddyrider? I’ve not seen a buddyrider yet in Singapore. Not sure how safety is it. But it definitely looks cool and cute to put your dog on bike ride using buddyrider. Buddyrider only for small dogs that weighs below 5.5KG. My dog weighs 6KG! So no buddyrider for him anyway.

bicycle ride dog punggol park connector

Traditional and cheaper way to bring my dog out for bike ride is to use bicycle basket.

bike_ride_dog_sun_shade bike_ride_dog_west_coast_2 bike_ride_dog_west_coast

Happy Boy, my dog goes on bike ride with me since 1 year old. Now he is 6 years
old. We have been cycling for 5 years! Happy Boy is always ready to go on
bike ride with me anytime.

bike_ride_dog_sembawang_park bike_ride_dog_sembawang_park2 bike_ride_dog_happy_sweetie

I suggest if your dog is those aggressive type, its better don’t put your dog on bike ride. He may jump anytime and that’s very dangerous.

For the first few time with your dog on bike ride, your dog may be scare. Try to calm him down, and of course you need to balance yourself before doing or calming it down. Your dog can definitely feel if you are safe rider or not, so once he gain confident, he will start enjoying the bike ride with you. Bring your dog a lot whenever you go for your bike ride!

bike_ride_dog_getting_ready bike_ride_dog_happy bike_ride_dog_happy_sweetie2

Safety to follow when bike riding with your dog in Basket Carrier

bike ride dog yishun park bike_ride_dog_safety bike_ride_dog_safety2

  • Always leash your dog (tie it on the bicycle handle), you can see from the photo above, my dog is always leashed.
  • Prepare a cushion for your dog during the bike ride so that he is comfortable throughout the journey.
  • Safety always come first. Don’t rush and speed. Give way to other cyclist.
  • Always on bicycle track and always push your bicycle when crossing the road.
  • People usually more friendly to cyclist with dog on bike ride compare to normal cyclist along the road. Smile to them when they give way. =)
  • Always make sure your dog feel comfortable. he must enjoy the bike ride, so that you can enjoy too.