Dog Allergies – How much do you understand about dog allergies?

Dog Allergies – How much do you understand about dog allergies? How to you know if your dogs have these problems?

Common symptoms related to dog allergies are:

  • Red spots on chest, body, belly, groin area
  • Always licking and chewing paws
  • Paws turn dark brown / burgundy color
  • Loss of hair / fur
  • Often sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Ear infections / Yeast infections
  • Smelly ears
  • Rubbing of the face

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Common causes of dog allergies are:

  • Atopy – Atopy is often seasonal, cause by pollen or dust.
  • Food – Dog allergies related to food is more commonly seen in Singapore.
    • Dog owner in Asia, eg: Singapore, will give dogs more human food than western countries.
    • Human food tend to be more food intolerance in dogs. What can be eaten by human doesn’t mean it can be eaten by dogs! (Example: chocolates and grapes are poisonous food to dogs).

This is why more pet foods come with choices like hypoallergenic diet.

  • Hypoallergenic dog foods means…
    • Limited ingredients
    • Cereal free
    • Grain free
    • Gluten free sensitive
  • Although they mention they are FREE of EVERYTHING… but please do take a look at their ingredients, it may still NOT be suitable to your dog too because every dog allergies varies…

So do you know what your dog is allergy to?

I know what’s my dog, Happy Boy, is allergic to. I have do elimination diet test and tested almost every dog food common ingredients week by week, instructed by my dog’s Veterinarian, Dr T.

Dog Allergies - Hill's Prescription Diet Z/D

I have been doing the elimination diet test using Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D Canine ULTRA Allergen-FreeHill’s Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine ULTRA Allergen-Free is a good base food to do such elimination diet test. We will talk about it in next article.

Right now, I’m quite happy with the test results.

Happy Boy has passed the following test.

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Mutton
  • Beef
  • Apple
  • Peas

He had failed the following test.

  • White fish
  • Carrots

Next few weeks, he will be testing on

  • Potatoes
  • Salmons
  • Brown rice

After that, I will bring him back for review.