Cute Dog Cake Singapore

cute dog cake 6 birthday

Looking for a cute dog cake for your dog’s birthday party? Not sure where to find a cute dog cake that all dogs will definitely eat? This is one of the best dog cake I ever ordered for my dog, Happy Boy.

cute dog cake photo

cute dog cake photo1

This is my 3rd time ordering from The Barkery Singapore and I believe they are getting more and more popular among dog lovers in Singapore too.

cute dog cake photo3

There are a lot of dog’s bakery café or shop in Singapore now, that can customize dog cake too. Some of the bakery even able to do dog’s figurine that can be kept. But looking at it clearly, the figurine is done by standard shape and sizes. Why do I want to keep something that does not look like my dog and it’s a standard figurine which look alike?

cute dog cake photo7 cute dog cake photo9

This is why I contacted The Barkery Singapore to see if they do customize any cute dog cakes? I explained that I want a simple design with Happy Boy’s name and a Shih Tzu figurine on top. They requested for my dog’s photo and contacted me again the next day to accept my request.

cute dog cake photo10 cute dog cake photo11

I was told that no promise the figurine will look like Happy Boy. Of course I totally understand it’s not an easy job, so I replied, “I’m ok with it as long as it look like a happy and active Shih Tzu.”

cute dog cake photo12

Who knows? When I opened up the cake box, I really saw a little Cute Happy Boy! It’s really a super duper cute dog cake just like my blog name – cute happy dog!

cute dog cake photo14

From all photo, you can definitely see my dog love this cute dog cake that looks exactly like him.

Review of The Barkery Singapore and why keep ordering from them?

Good Points:

  • Excellent customer services
  • Good skill in doing dog figurine cakes
  • Affordable price
  • Communicate in Email or SMS / whatsapp
  • Cash on Delivery
  • $40 above free delivery
  • MOST IMPORTANT – dogs love it

Area need improvement:

  • Webpage has limited cake design ideas, The Barkery Singapore should keep posting / updating their webpage with new designs to attract customers who looking something special.