Debarking Dog

Debarking Dog (Dog Devocalization)

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This week, hottest topic among dogs lovers in Singapore is about should debarking dog be part of a suggested solution when the owner unable to stop the dog from barking in the middle of the night. (photo references from Channel NewsAsia)

debarking dog letter

Debarking dog is uncommon in Singapore now. Maybe it used to be, but definitely not now. It could be we are spending more time with our dogs, understanding their behavior better, understand psychology and more voluntarily group educate the public to love animal.

Debarking dogs may be common in pet farms that breed dogs, I’m not sure (just guessing), but I think is understandable because if breeders do not do that and dogs bark crazily in the middle of the night, they will be in deep trouble.

So this notice come surprise to public when debarking dog become a suggestion from authority. Although when come to totally NO SOLUTION after ALL types of trainings, medication or treatments, final solution maybe debarking the dog, but that should not be taught publicly.

I will not choose debarking my dog as an “easy / fast” solution. In the first place, dog will not bark crazily without reason. There must be something wrong with the environment, that they want to alert their owner or their “group of friends”. You can see from photos, when environment is quiet and safe, they can sleep peacefully near the door.

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I believe in obedience / behavior training for dogs, letting them understand what you expected from them, understanding YES and NO. You as owner, do your part from first day the dog enter your home. Patience in training the dog so that he or she will not be a nuisance to the public.

It’s sad that after explaining so much, if you still choose debarking dog as a solution. Debarking dog come with risk, please THINK HARD if your dog really need to do the debarking surgery.

Debarking dog by removing section of the dog’s vocal chord is not a minor surgery, and this surgery is getting less common, do you trust your veterinarian on this surgery? What if the debarking dog surgery fail?

Ask your veterinarian, what’s the complication they can foresee during surgery and what is the risk and consequence after surgery?

Will your dog feel sad that they are different from their friends? Will there be long‐term physical, psychological and behavioral risks to your dog? Will other dogs look down on your dog?

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When you unable to voice out what you want to say, will you feel frustrated? Same to the dog, debarking dog may increase their level of frustration, leading to possible redirected behaviors example destructive behavior toward property or even aggression toward other animals or people.

Please THINK twice, is it necessary or is that the ONLY solution before doing this surgery. Love your dog!