About Us?

Welcome to cutehappydog.com! A Dog Blog That Talks All About  HAPPY BOY And His Doggie Friends!

Who am I? I’m the writer of this dog blog. My name is ATOM, a dog lover, staying in Singapore! I hold a full-time office job, nothing related to animals. I love dog, especially my cute and happy dog, HAPPY BOY! He is a Shih Tzu breed, very cute and is pamper a lot by my whole family.

dog blog - happy boy

Why I decided to start this dog blog?

Because one day, while I was browsing my photo album on the phone, I notice that 80% of the photo is all HAPPY BOY! So I was thinking, what can I do with it?? Why not share the album with the all dog’s lovers out there with all photos and information in a form of dog blog! Photo not only consist of HAPPY BOY’S cute and sad expression, but also photo of common dog’s skin problems, allergic problems, stools, anal glands and other common problems that happens to dog.
Therefore, this lead to me start a blog and information sharing with other dog owners who care for their dogs.

In this dog blog……

Although most of the things will be about my cute and happy dog, HAPPY BOY. But I will also discuss my findings on other dog’s topics to share in this dog blog.
Please feel free to contract me if you have any interesting topic to share and discuss with all dog’s lover out there!

What I won’t be discussing in this dog blog?

  • No pushy sales, I’m not a sales person of any products.
  • No condemnation of any pet stores, groomers, clinics or veterinarians!
  • Things I not sure about… and unable to find enough information to support my article.

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