Dogs Birthday Cakes?

Dogs birthday cakes?

Do you celebrate Your dog’s birthday with dogs birthday cakes? I think you should. Do you celebrate your family and friends’ birthday? If yes, why not celebrate your doggie’s birthday too?! It’s not expensive now… 4 years ago, I had a hard time looking for a people doing dogs birthday cakes and they were really expensive! But now, there are more demand, prices drop a little too. Ordering of dogs birthday cakes usually come with delivery, so no worries about transportation.

Dogs birthday cakes - Happy's Birthday

This year August, my Happy Boy will be turning 5 year old. I’m thinking to get him a dog cake too or maybe I should bake the cake myself with all his favourite food. Because he has allergic problem towards some ingredients like carrot, so getting a cake without certain ingredients maybe difficult. Let’s see…

Dogs birthday cakes usually come in 300g, 500g and 1KG. So I usually share the cake out with Happy Boy’s friends. I will keep 1/3 or 1/4 portion of it, and that could keep about 3 days for my dog as snacks.

Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 1st birthday Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 1st birthday part2  Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 2nd birthdayDogs birthday cakes - happyboy 3rd birthday

Believe me, you will be happy to see their expression full of excitement when you show them the cake. But of course, you have to know your dog well. Meaning… know what is your dog’s favourite food and what your dog hate most is important when you look for dogs birthday cakes.

Dogs birthday cakes - miko birthday Thanks Miko for sharing out her cute photo.

Dogs Birthday Cakes are cakes specially baked / made for dogs. DO NOT get a human cake for your dog. Dogs Birthday Cakes is just a few dollar difference from human birthday cakes, although you can save $5-$10 at that moment, but maybe next day, you will have to bring your dog to visit your dear expensive veterinarian! =)

Click here for more information on where to get birthday cakes for dogs in Singapore.

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