Pet Resort Services – Marketing Strategy.

Marketing strategy for Pet Resort / Hotel or Home Boarding Services.

Simple webpage

  • Provide as much information as possible for potential clients who are doing research of Pet Resort / Pet Hotel for their pets.
    • List the Do and Don’t
    • Terms and conditions
  • Share Photo / Video. Action speaks louder than words. Everyone is happy to see happy cute dogs photo / video uploaded.
  • Contact numbers, emails (make sure you reply promptly, do not wait for 2-3 days to reply any message)
  • Allow comments / feedbacks, this will help you to improve your services.
  • Testimonials are important.
  • Encourage customers to post service review on webpage, in return for 10% discount. =D

Facebook Pages which is very important now.

  • Words of mouth is very important.
  • Request the existing customers to like your facebook page and ask PERMISSION if you manage to take some cute photo of their pets, can you tag them in facebook? I’m sure most owners are HAPPY to see that!
  • Be active on the facebook, you do not need to pay for advertisement or pay for the number of likes, just update status, promotions, or even activities to catch customer attention.

Encourage potential customers bring their dog to visit.

  • Prepare some brochure for easy explanation.
  • Bring the customer around.
  • Allow the dog to roam around and monitor to see if the dog is OK with the environment.
  • Request the owner to leave the dog for 10-15 minutes and bring in some dogs to see how the dog behaves when the owner is not around.  Get the web cams ready so that the owner is able to see it too.
  • Ask the customer, what is their concern? Write them down, and this could also help you to improve your business / services.
  • Allow trial service at cheaper rate, so that the pet owners have more confident and less worries.


  • Look out for competitor price list, and what service do they provide to set the price.
  • Reasonable price. Do not have to be AS LOW AS possible, but I’m sure what customer is looking for is their dog is AS HAPPY AS and AS ENJOYABLE AS.

Lastly, please be HONEST with your services. DO NOT MAKE use of customer’s dogs to do other side business.

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