My First Dog – HAPPY BOY!

How Happy Boy and I met?

Happy Boy and I met in November, 2008. He is my first dog, and also the first dog in our family. When we got him, we have no idea how to take care of dogs. All we know is… feed him, play with him, bring him for walk, train him to pee and poo on tray, and when he is sick, bring him to veterinarian. He looks very cute, innocent and active, excited with everything, and only think about playing! HAHA!

cutehappydog_puppyhappy_1 cutehappydog_puppyhappy_2

Singapore Pasir Ris has a lot of pet farms, this is where I found my dog, Happy Boy. He was not a very clean and neat dog when I first see him. The seller bring him and his brother out into a fence up area for me to choose, he is a very active dog, I love the way he run and disturb his brother. When I called the 2 dogs, Happy came to me and allow me to touch him before he ran away again. His brother did not came to me. I went over to touch his brother, Happy came over to me again and wanted me to play with him.


So therefore, I think Happy like me to be his owner and I always think he is the one that chosen me, and not I choose him. I always think I’m very lucky that i found a healthy puppy which grew up into a healthy adult dog. To be honest, I know nothing about dogs at all at that moment!

Of course as time goes by…… I know more and more about dogs. I read up more on dogs, visit the vet, and start to have doggie meet up. This is a very good way to know more about dogs and yes, socialising is very important to dogs. Dog that socialise will behave better than dogs that are not socialise since young. We will discuss more when we discuss about importance of socalising dogs in the later topic.

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