Pee Pads For Dogs in Singapore / Wee Pads For Pets

Pee Pads / Wee Pads For Dogs Singapore

  • Pee pads for dogs getting popular in Singapore?

  • Use & throw pee pads? Or washable & reusable pee pads? 

  • Where to get pet pee pads?

  • Can we buy it online? Where to get cheaper pee pads online?

taobao wee pads

Pee Pads or some people called it wee wee pads are now getting more and more popular. It’s so much convenient compare to traditional way of using newspaper.

Every pet shops sure to carry some pee pads just that it may be different brands from the other pet shops. Not surprising, Daisu also sell pee pads. If you happened to pass-by Daisu’s pet section, you will be able to see the whole shelf of it!

Pet Lovers also pushing for pee pads sales which is quite obvious as we can also see whole shelf is packed with house brand pee pads in all their branches.

petlover pee pads

Why is pee pads getting popular?

I would think that people are getting more lazy and does not mind about cost as long as it is convenient. Just like babies, hardly see parents use cloth diapers / washable diapers now, parents move on and uses “Use and throw” diapers.

  daisu wee wee pad look feel

There are also washable and reusable pee pads for pets – Nugi Dog Pee Pads. But will you use it? I think I will not, and it’s not cheap too. If there are only two choices for me, newspapers or washable / reusable pee pads for my dog, I think I will choose newspapers instead.

Pet pee pads are clean and easy to use. It absorb the dog urine fast enough once the dog urine on it compare to putting on newspaper where paper absorbs liquid slower. Lesser chance the dog will step on it. Some dogs have strong smelling urine, the pee pads does reduce the smell. That is why pet owner love it.

Pet pee pads come in at least 3 different sizes for 3 different sizes of dogs, small dogs, medium dogs and big dogs. I always get the smallest size for Happy Boy because it’s the cheapest and he doesn’t need that big size pee pads too!

Packaging usually come in these sizes.

SMALL (30X45cm) – 100 pieces
MEDIUM (45X 60cm) – 50 pieces
LARGE (60X90 cm) – 25 pieces

pee pads small size

Where can we get pet pee pads in Singapore?

daisu pee pads 1Any pet shops or Daisu pet section, you will be able to find it. I had bought it from Daisu for start, 8 pieces for $2. Still ok~~~ but I have to get many packets or every few days I need to buy some and stock it up. Very troublesome for long term use.

Went to the regular pet shops, notice that it’s not cheap. One pack is around $30 (same price for all 3 sizes usually, but quantity are different as in come in 100, 50 or 25 pieces). Buy two packs will be slightly cheaper. It’s still expensive to me. It could be the quality is slightly different. Thicker pee pads or whatever… but to me, is a half day use or one day use. So it does not matter to be if it is thicker or thinner, I will still change it every half day or end of the day.

Buy pee pads online

Surfing online for cheap pee pads and I found it. (search for “狗狗尿片100片 免邮“)  has everything and it’s cheap! Ya…… right, made in china, but who cares? My dog don’t eat it? or play with it? My dog urine on it, and doesn’t have any contact to it as I placed the pee pad in his pee tray. So there’s no danger to it, why not???  Most important, it’s cheap! It’s more worth to use the “sea method” if you plan to get it from, of course it will take longer to arrive Singapore.

taobao pee pads 100pieces

If you think is too troublesome, you can try Qoo10 ( (search for “dog pee pads“). A few dollars more than in term of price, but it is much more convenient with shorter waiting time if you need it urgently.

Do share with me if you found even cheaper pee pads online or anywhere else in Singapore.