Pet Expo 2015 March

Pet Expo 2015, largest pet fair in Singapore. PET-ducational Fair start in year 2014, and it’s back by popular demand.

Pet Expo 2015 Singapore

This is a good thing, which means more and more people love their pets and willing to pay more attention on their pets. I heard Pet taxi services on these 3 days are over whelming! Every owners want to bring their pets to Pet Expo 2015 exhibition with them. Happy to see that. =)

I even see quite a few owners pushing their cats in strollers, birds on the owners’ shoulders. Look like all humans and pets are enjoying the outing.

Pet Expo 2015 Singapore

Pet Expo 2015 was on 20 – 22 March at Singapore Expo Hall 8 with an entrance fees of $4. I think we can buy it online, maybe at a cheaper rate or maybe there’s goodie bags for those bought their tickets online? Not sure… I bought it on the spot.

Pet Expo 2015 SG stage

Pet Expo 2015 have everything you need to know about pets. From dog / cat adoption, vet, and even dog insurance! All kinds of pet food brands. Pet Expo had almost whole day programme for these 3 days. For those planning for dog adoption, can try “Speed Dating”.

Pet Expo 2015 Singapore Speed Dating

I think one of the few best highlights were unique pet breed showcase, largest gathering of Golden Retrievers, Pet Expo Dog Show 2015, cat show, and many many more programme / contests.

I’m not too sure did the gathering of the Golden Retrievers this year broke last year 2014 record, Singapore’s Book of Records for the largest gathering of Golden Retrievers? Maybe someone can update me the latest news?

I reached the Pet Expo Hall 8 around 5PM+, I’m surprise to see a big crowd in the Pet Expo Fair. It cater for all kinds of pets from dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc… I brought Happy Boy with me to enjoy the Pet Expo event together. Going to a Pet Event without your pet is no fun!

Pet Expo 2015 Singapore

When I about to go off, I saw many big dogs arriving. Taking a look at the schedule, its “CONTEST: Wellness Biggest Dog”. It’s hard to see so many big dogs and rare breed gathering together at one time. This is my first time.

Pet Expo 2015 SG big dog

Pet Expo 2015 SG small and big dog

If you ask me again, if there is Pet Expo 2016 next year, will I be going?? My answer, OF COURSE! And I will definitely bring my dog, Happy Boy with me!