FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs

FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs

  • What is FRONTLINE Plus for?
  • How to apply FRONTLINE Plus on dog?
  • Is FRONTLINE Plus safe?
  • Where can you find / buy FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs in Singapore?

FRONTLINE Plus is an important product in terms of preventing flea infestation. It can kill adult fleas and ticks and also prevent flea eggs and larvae from continue “breeding” on the dog.

Why should we worry about fleas and ticks? To prevent the common diseases “Tick Fever” which I mentioned before in the previous article, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I was taught by the groomer few years back. FRONTLINE Plus should be applied on the second day after bath and do not bath your dog immediately after apply. Bath your dog only after 24 hour.

Applying FRONTLINE Plus on dog must be extra careful or it might harm your dog. Apply the applicator tip through your dog’s fur to the skin between the shoulder blades. (See image below) Make sure your dog is unable to lick it.


apply frontline plus
I think FRONTLINE Plus is a safe product. It is always better to consult your veterinarian if you are unsure how to use it.

Happy Boy does not have tick problems for years after apply FRONTLINE Plus. I didn’t apply on the dot of every month. Sometimes 1.5 months, sometimes 2 months. Happy Boy is an indoor dog, he is seldom on the grass, so he has less tick problems. If your dog is an outdoor dog, please be sure he’s on FRONTLINE Plus protection and always clean him after his walk / activities.

FRONTLINE Products are sold in most of the pet shops in Singapore. Your trusted veterinary clinic do sell FRONTLINE Products too.

For me, I will not look for Pet Shops selling the cheapest FRONTLINE Plus products.  For items that is “going into the body”, I need to be extra careful. I will buy it from veterinary clinic or reliable Pet Shops incase there are fake FRONTLINE Products which can harm our dog.

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