Traditional Pet Transport Driver vs Mobile Apps Pet Driver in Singapore

Pet transport drivers in Singapore are getting high demand now. On-demand mobile apps similar to uber for pets  (UberPets, PetMate) came into the market recently world wide. Uber has another separate service in the app call “UberPets” has not come to Singapore yet, but PetMate was launched in Singapore last year.

So have you wonder what’s the different between on-demand Mobile Apps Pet Driver (UberPETS, PetMate) vs Traditional Pet Transport in Singapore?

Same as a traditional pet transport, demand mobile apps like UberPETS, PetMate, allowing people to book rides for their pets to vets, groomer, pet cafe, beaches / parks or visiting friends.

Uber_for_pets_uberpets_pet_driver uber_for_pets_petmate_pet_driver

I did comparison chart below to understand more on the 2 pet services.

From my findings regarding the demand Mobile Pet apps, let’s do some discussion on some of the points.

1) You can choose to unaccompanied your pets to vet or groomer.
Understand that you are busy, but do you want to do that? Pet Drivers that you engage using apps are random drivers, do you trust stranger transporting your dog to vet or groomer?

Traditional pet taxi / transport drivers are fixed drivers, if you keep using the same driver, I believe you guys (human and pets) will build up trust. So some pet drivers will also agree to transport your dog to vet / grooming even if the pet owner is not around after trust is build.

2) Unable to fix or choose driver.
For some people, it’s a challenge to take stranger’s car. Some people will do research, read review, and view all photos to make sure they are comfortable with the pet driver.

But if you are using apps to book a pet driver, you are unable to view their records.
Would you be more willing to pay a few dollars more on pet driver who are more open on their services with photos and reviews.

3) Cancellation fees
Using the apps to book a pet transport and if you need to cancel it, there will be charges. Booking Comfort taxi, and you cancel it, there is no charges, why using apps to book pet driver need to have charges when cancel?

4) Payment Mode
Credit card or Paypal is the payment mode for mobile pet apps when booking pet friendly transport. This information is quite sensitive.

Traditional Pet taxi driver only accept cash, no technology knowledge required.

5) Rearrange time slot after appointment fixed?
As a pet owner, we understand that it’s not easy to make arrangement with vet and groomer, or meet up with other pet’s owner in pet cafe. So it should be understandable that sometimes customer need to cancel appointment. Before you do any booking using the mobile apps to look for drivers to transport your pets, please read and find out on how to reschedule time slot before clicking the button “submit”.

Rearranging date and time slot with traditional pet transport is easy, just call or SMS.


Demand Apps Driver Traditional Pet Transport
(example: Uncle Loo Pet Taxi)
Driver Random driver / car Fixed driver / car
Vehicle Unknown vehicle Private car NOT van
Payment mode Credit Card / Paypal (technology knowledge) Cash (minimum technology knowledge)
Price Competitive (Depend on location) Competitive (Depend on location)
Contacting Driver Fill up with information in the app and wait for response Simple call or SMS will be able to get response
Cancellation Fees Yes No
Technology Knowledge Yes, updating of apps No
Question or Feedback? Facebook messager or Email Call / SMS / facebook page / webpage review / email
Can driver handle pets? Drivers are trained according to FAQ Photo in webpage and facebook explains all.
Is the Vehicle clean? Unable to find answer in FAQ if driver uses dog seat cover and how they protect the clients’ pets. Definitely have to, our HappyBoy takes the car everyday. We have different dog seat cover and is wash and clean after one customer.
Rearrange time slot after appointment fixed Unable to find answer in FAQ, let me know if you have answer. You can just call / SMS us to rearrange time slot. 
Help to transport pet to vet / grooming WITHOUT owner accompany? Yes No, sorry to say, we are not risk taker. We have to make sure owner follow and take care of his / her own dog. Driver need to concentrate on driving safely on the road.