Buy birthday cakes for dogs in Singapore?

  • Buy birthday cakes for dogs in Singapore?
  • Planning birthday party for your dog?
  • Birthday cakes for dogs getting more popular in Singapore?

Where to buy birthday cakes for dogs in Singapore? Do you have this question in mind? Are you planning to get one birthday cake for your dog? Buying birthday cakes for dogs are getting more and more popular in Singapore. I’m happy to see more and more dog’s owner giving in more love and time for their little fur friends.

Six years ago, there was only one or two pet/dog shops or doggie’s cafe willing to do birthday cakes for dogs, as the market was not ready that time. Over the past 6 years, i’m seeing more people are targeting dog businesses, which make dog owner in Singapore much more convenient now. So dogs in Singapore are getting more luckier now!

Great news, to help all dogs lover in Singapore to find the list of dog cafes or online dog shops that sell birthday cakes for dogs in Singapore, I did the homework for YOU!

Here’s the list :

The Barkery Singapore Store – Simple birthday cake designs for dogs?

They do not have a lot of birthday cake designs for dogs. But it’s OK! Although their birthday cakes for dogs are simple designs because…… i think they cater for another group of dog’s owners – dog’s owners looking for simple, cheaper and smaller “meat” birthday cakes for their dogs. I think that is good enough as I hate complicated designs. And one more thing…. out of the 5 cakes i got for my Happy Boy, he love “The Barkery Singapore Store” birthday cake the MOST! One last important thing that I like about The Barkery Singapore Store, their service is excellent, I made special request for my dog as Happy Boy has food allergies, they did not turn down my special request where as some places turn down special request as it’s too troublesome.

4th birthday cake for dog5th birthday cake for dog



Good Point – Services, flexible with request, simple designs but looks cool!

US Doggie Bakery – Fancy birthday cakes designs for dogs?

They are among the first batch that start the dog’s bakery business. My dog, Happy’s Boy, 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday, i ordered the cakes from them. US Doggie Bakery not only have dog’s cakes, they have all sort of dog’s pie,cookies, muffins and dog’s birthday party pack! As more strong competitors are coming in, I notice that US Doggie Bakery has increase their dog’s birthday cake design. YEAH! This is GREAT as we love taking photo right? =) I realised one thing, although they have beautiful birthday cakes for dogs, but always remember, dogs are carnivore, so from my experience, i realised dogs prefer cakes with meat rather than flavouring cakes like, banana cakes, pandan cakes, etc…… So do take note when choosing cakes.

1st birthday cake for dog2nd birthday cake for dog3rd birthday cake for dog

Good Point – Many designs, many flavouring.

Cobam Dog Bakery – 3D Birthday Cake designs for dogs

Looking for 3D Birthday Cake designs for dogs? I think they are good at it.  We had a short conversation, exchange SMS, and even sending some photo for request, they are friendly and flexible too. Almost got one of their birthday cake for my dog last year, but too bad, when we talk about the date to deliver, I was told the kitchen will be closed on that day. I might consider trying Cobam Dog Bakery this year for Happy Boy’s 6th Birthday, making him a 3D birthday cake for dog!

Good Point – 3D Birthday Cake designs for dogs, friendly, flexible


Have not tried their service before, unable to give any recommendation or comments. They have cafe at Kembangan area, here’s their blog too.


Have not tried their service before, unable to give any recommendation or comments.

Do let me know if you need any advise on birthday cakes for dogs, I’m happy help.

Here’s the previous article i wrote about Happy Boy’s birthday cakes and celebration.


Dogs Birthday Cakes?

Dogs birthday cakes?

Do you celebrate Your dog’s birthday with dogs birthday cakes? I think you should. Do you celebrate your family and friends’ birthday? If yes, why not celebrate your doggie’s birthday too?! It’s not expensive now… 4 years ago, I had a hard time looking for a people doing dogs birthday cakes and they were really expensive! But now, there are more demand, prices drop a little too. Ordering of dogs birthday cakes usually come with delivery, so no worries about transportation.

Dogs birthday cakes - Happy's Birthday

This year August, my Happy Boy will be turning 5 year old. I’m thinking to get him a dog cake too or maybe I should bake the cake myself with all his favourite food. Because he has allergic problem towards some ingredients like carrot, so getting a cake without certain ingredients maybe difficult. Let’s see…

Dogs birthday cakes usually come in 300g, 500g and 1KG. So I usually share the cake out with Happy Boy’s friends. I will keep 1/3 or 1/4 portion of it, and that could keep about 3 days for my dog as snacks.

Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 1st birthday Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 1st birthday part2  Dogs birthday cakes - happyboy 2nd birthdayDogs birthday cakes - happyboy 3rd birthday

Believe me, you will be happy to see their expression full of excitement when you show them the cake. But of course, you have to know your dog well. Meaning… know what is your dog’s favourite food and what your dog hate most is important when you look for dogs birthday cakes.

Dogs birthday cakes - miko birthday Thanks Miko for sharing out her cute photo.

Dogs Birthday Cakes are cakes specially baked / made for dogs. DO NOT get a human cake for your dog. Dogs Birthday Cakes is just a few dollar difference from human birthday cakes, although you can save $5-$10 at that moment, but maybe next day, you will have to bring your dog to visit your dear expensive veterinarian! =)

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