Tick Fever in Dog (Singapore) / Canine Ehrlichiosis/ Symptom of tick fever / Seriousness of tick fever if delay treatment

What is tick Fever in Dog (Singapore)? Canine Ehrlichiosis? Symptom of tick fever? Tick fever if delay treatment?

I do not know the answer until last Sunday after a friend’s dog passed away because of tick fever also know as “Canine Ehrlichiosis“. This shocked me and lead me into reading up more on tick fever and know about the danger of ticks. You can never imagine that how danger are those ticks, after two blood transfusion, it still failed to save the dog.

Better be extra careful than never.

So what is tick fever? Make it simple, it’s like mosquito that carry dengue virus. But not all mosquito are dangerous and carry dengue virus, right? Same as ticks, not all ticks are dangerous, but just one bite by a tick that carry the disease, it can killed the dog.

Most commonly dog ticks seen in Singapore is “brown dog tick”.

Any tick fever prevention? There is no vaccine to prevent tick fever. Ticks are very common in summer, especially weather like Singapore. Although there is no vaccine to prevent tick fever, but we should try our best to prevent ticks and provide clean environment for our dogs.

If your dog is an outdoor dog, always on time to apply frontline. After walk, always brush / clean your dog thoroughly. If you found any ticks on your dog, remove it immediately (there is this belief, ticks removed within 24 hour will not spread tick fever to your dog).

Although, dog that has got tick fever not necessary has history of tick infestation, but as mention, not all ticks carry tick fever disease, just one tick to carry the tick fever disease can kill the dog. You will not know immediately the dog is affected with tick fever, it takes days, weeks, months to show up the serious condition.

It’s always the case, when treated early, the risk is always low. Look out for the symptoms and bring your dog to the vet immediately if you feel something not right.

First symptom – Loss of appetite. Always feed your dog on time and same portion of food, so when your dog sudden loss of appetite, you will notice it easily. A lot of owner do not do that, and thinking that feeding snacks and table food will be OK as long as the dog eats, you might be wrong.

Other symptom – tiredness and dark (rusty / red) coloured urine. Dog is always ready to play at anytime, or stranger can trigger them to bark fiercely. If your dog does not behave normally, there might be something wrong. Tick fever destroy red blood cell, therefore it does cause urine or even poo to be abnormal colour.

If you notice any of these signs, it is best to bring your dog to the vet as soon as possible for a thorough check-up with blood tests. Delaying of treatment, even with immediate blood transfusion may not even save your dog.

Of course, there are more symptoms, but why wait for more symptoms to appear before bringing your dog to vet?

Some useful websites to read more on tick fever in dog.




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