Just like UberPETS (Uber for Pets) – Friendly cageless private taxi booking Singapore.

Uber is getting popular in Singapore now but too bad, there’s no UberPETS service yet in Singapore. Not sure if UberPETS will come to Singapore. No worries! Uncle Loo can be your Uber for Pets driver in Singapore (新加坡宠物德士)! Call 8653 7778 now!

Just like Uber, we are using private car for this transportation service, making sure both furkid and pet owner is comfortable with the ride is our TOP PRIORITY.
UberPETS cageless Private car top photo

Please contact us at for more information:
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At the moment, we only take in Non-emergency case
* Name: Uncle Loo (Tel: 8653 7778)
* Call or send us (regular) SMS, we will get back to you ASAP.
* We allow your furkid to be cageless in car, BUT owner or caretaker has to sit with him / her.
* For hygiene purposes, the car seat cover is always wash after one time use to make sure everything is clean.

* You are paying for a comfortable private car, NOT Van.

Cost: (price may varies depend on location, tell us your location first)

WeekDay & WeekEnd – 8AM – 7PM
Call / SMS Uncle Loo at 8653 7778 and ask for price for your location.

Picture is worth a thousand words, scroll down to view!

Here’s the most recent passenger on board.
[Updated photo in Facebook]

Tola looks excited for the car ride.
uber for pets sg 5a uber for pets sg 5b

Zenza, the cute golden retriever! Another happy owner and happy dog enjoying the ride. (Thank you for allowing us to share this photo)
uber for pets sg 4

Look at Jozzie expression! Can you see her curious and excited behaviour?
uber for pets sg 3a uber for pets sg 3b uber for pets sg 3c

Getting more calls per day, we need to invest new cover in case weather is bad, unable to dry FAST! Cleanliness is always our TOP priority!
Car seat cover 1 Car seat cover 2 Car seat cover 3

Russel visiting The Joyous Vet for an operation. We wish him speedy recovery!
uber for pets sg 2a uber for pets sg 2b

Teh Si Boy enjoying the whole back seat by himself.
uber for pets sg 1

A very lucky senior golden retriever who has a very caring owner.

We have a happy and satisfied customer today. (Thank you for allowing us to share this photo)

Two dogs? No problem, as long as they are comfortable.

We always wash and clean the car dog seat cover thoroughly. You worry of your furkid, I’m worry of my Happy Boy too! So we always must keep the car clean FOR SURE.

car dog seat cover wash

Golden retriever on board our pet taxi.

We also help to send bird to vet too.
bird to vet

Happy's Car UberPETStaxi_photo4

Although Happy’s Car is not a big car, but we handle 7 puppies in the car before! Amazing!
UberPETStaxi-Happy-Car-puppies-1 UberPETStaxi-Happy-Car-puppies-2


Safe ride, enjoyable ride and happy ride is our TOP prority.

We believe that when your furkid enjoy the ride, as a owner, you will feel happy. As a pet driver, we will feel satisfying with the job we are doing. =)
Happy Car Happy 1  UberPETS cageless Private car 4

DREAM to bring your pet for nice photo taking? Your DREAM can definitely come true.

Give us a call (Tel: 8653 7778) or (regular) SMS to find out more on our service.

Happy Car MarinaBaySand 1

Happy Car MarinaBaySand 2