Branded Veterinary Centre Or Reliable Veterinarian For Your Pet?

Branded veterinary centres or reliable veterinarians? How would you choose?

Q) Do branded veterinary centres have ALL THE BEST veterinarians inside?

Q) A good and reliable veterinarians, does it means they have to work for a branded veterinary centres?

NO! I don’t think so… I don’t go for brands. I believe in what I see, what I feel is good and trustworthly. As i mentioned in the previous article, I found my best and Happy Boy’s favourite veterinarian.

I’m very into marketing. So every business uses MARKETING! Even veterinary centres have their different marketing strategy. Maybe I have think too much. HAHAHA.

Ask yourself before you choose a Veterinary Centre / Clinic / Hospital in Singapore or any part of the world.

  1. Why is this particular veterinary centre famous?
  2. You go there because it is a famous veterinary services or you believe famous means BEST veterinary centre with all latest technology and equipments?
  3. Do you know which veterinarian is famous in the veterinary centre?
  4. Do you know the famous veterinarian is best in which area or operation?
  5. How reliable is this veterinary centre / Do they have cases (good or bad) before?
  6. What make these veterinary service centre famous?
  7. And most important, do you have the chance to see the famous, best, experience veterinarian if you visit?
  8. If you don’t get to see the famous, best, experience veterinarian, is other veterinarians in the veterinary clinic/hospital as good as him/her?

So think about these question before choosing a veterinary centre in your next visit.

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